Information for sponsors / volunteers

If you are interested in our sponsorship program, please send us an e-mail, use the contact form on this page or call us – e-mail address and telephone number can be found in the imprint.

We want to meet you and introduce you to our program, the participants, and to our club. We wish to find motivated volunteers to help the refugees to integrate in Germany and Peine.

It is expected that the sponsors / volunteer are member of our club and submit an official certificate from the state (Erweitertes Führungszeugnis ohne Einträge).

The club “Families for Families e.V.” operates without profit. It provides a framework in which the sponsorship are supported and trained continuously. Confidentiality and voluntary are important for us and your commitment.

Our free training, supervision and coaching as well as the actual sponsorship will expand your international and intercultural skills!

The weekly meetings will be agreed with your family to fit your personal schedule.

A sponsorship can be stopped by you or by your sponsor / volunteer any time without giving an explaining.


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