Information for Refugees

If you are interested in our sponsorship / volunteer program, please send us an e-mail, use the contact form on this page or call us – e-mail address and telephone number can be found in the imprint.

Once you are registered we look for sponsors / volunteers for you that meet your needs. We take into account all information that you give us. We will get back to you – by telephone, by WhatsApp or email..

If we found the best suitable sponsor / volunteer, we will meet for a first consultation. In this first meeting, we want to get to know your personal needs and explain the conditions in which we work. You have the opportunity to get to know someone from our club as well as your personal sponsors / volunteer.

With your sponsor / volunteer together you will decide whether the sponsorship will start.

During the sponsorship you meet your sponsor / volunteer once or twice a week for one to two hoursYou decide together where and when to meet and how the volunteers can help in what way.

Our sponsors / volunteers have family competences. They work voluntary and get no money. The main objective is to help you to integrate in Germany and Peine – we are happy to help!

All sponsors / volunteer are aware of the difficult circumstances in the asylum procedure. We advise you, but we are not lawyers – our focus is you and your family with all the everyday issues.

A sponsorship can be stopped by you or by your sponsor / volunteer any time without giving an explaining.

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